Monday, October 31, 2005

Mogul Tip In SKI Magazine

FYI, the November, '05 issue of SKI Magazine includes one of my mogul skiing tips. The editors rearranged my wording a bit, but the tip remains pretty much intact. If you're interested, you can find it at the top of page 132.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice blog Dan. It is good to see something like this out there, as the mogul skiing community is a small one.

Now I need to ask why SKI Magazine didn't have you do the "Mogul Manual" article on pages 119-126? Also, isn't Nelson Carmichael on the SKI/Skiing staff as a tester/instructor? They surely could have gotten someone more qualifed to do the writeup.

This was the worst thing that I have ever seen as far as promoting "proper" mogul technique, although there are some pretty bad tutorials on the web as well. I was literally mouth agape as I flipped through the pages. I even thought about writing them a letter. Unfortunately, most of the instructors out there (PSIA) teach their students this way.

I am glad that you (and the other few ex World Cupper coaches that run camps and produce videos) are spreading the word, but it seems to be an uphill battle.

BTW, I am not a competitor with my sites set on the US Team, just an adult with a passion for mogul skiing the "right" way. I have been fortunate enough to attend camps put on by coaches that are ex-olympians, and thus been able to learn (and will always be learing as it is an ongoing process) to ski moguls he right way.

Good luck on the book. BTW, how in depth does it get? Is it more for someone who is just starting out in mogul skiing, or do you cater to more experienced (coached) skiers as well?

1:16 PM  
Blogger Dan DiPiro said...


Thanks for your great comment. You've gone right to the heart of the matter with your questions about that article. 99% of the mogul-skiing advice you find out there is similar.

I could never say all I have to say about this topic in just a blog comment. I will say, though, that articles just like that one gave me the title and theme for my book: "Everything the instructors Never Told You About Mogul Skiing."

Given your background, you'd be in a good position to enjoy the ski-culture message of my book, and I think you'd pick up a few good technical ideas, too. If you're very advanced, you may simply pick up new ways of thinking about things you already know.

How in-depth does it get? It's for fit, groomed-trail experts who want to learn, and for competitors, too. I think even advanced competitors will enjoy its ski-culture message. It's only $10.80 plus shipping, on line(; or $13.45 if you order in your local bookstore. Give it a shot. I'd be interested to get your take on it.

Thanks, again, for your insightful comment.

3:54 PM  
Blogger cj said...

I'll check out the book. I am sure that there is some good stuff in there. Plus it supports a good cause...MOGUL SKIING!

Boy this is a great thing... now I have place to vent all of my skiing frustrations... so here it goes and I'd like your take and advice:

On the subject of mogul skiing education, how do suggest that the word get out at the many small ski areas around the country?

Where I live we have moguls most of the time, however, it would be nice if we had them all of the time, which would happen if there were a large enough demand. I usually have to chase around our local resorts to find bumps.

And as far as mogul skiers go, there are maybe a handful of people including myself, at our local resorts that can zipperline... none of them being instructors.

Considering that we (as well as many small ski areas in the country) do not have access to coaches of your caliber on a regular basis, what are we to do about promoting the sport? Whenever someone asks me anything about mogul skiing, I always plug the few camps/programs that are available. However, most folks do not want to make the time of financial commitment to go to Blackcomb, WP, Killington, etc for a week or even weekend to learn how to ski bumps. I think that people would like to just show up at there local resort and get a lesson on a Sat morning and not have to plan way in advance. A lot of people would like to just try one or two lessons before they jump into the "bump skiing committment". Most people I talk to are also very intimidated by mogul camps, because they don't feel that they are good enough to go to these camps (or maybe some think that they are too good and won't possibly learn anything). Eventhough this couldn't be further from the truth, because all of the camps I have been to had a wide array of ability levels and everyone always works together.

Unless proper mogul technique starts being incorporated into the ski schools at the local level (grass roots), I think it will be very difficult for the sport to go mainstream. The main problem I see is getting qualified instructors. Eventhough I am not a competitive level skier, I am a better bump skier than any of the instructors at my small local resorts. Should I think about talking to the local ski schools about setting up a "true" mogul skiing program? I have though about this, but have hesitated for a few reasons: 1) Although I understand moguls skiing techniques and can perform most of them, I am no where near, nor ever will be, at the proficiency level of the people that currently teach it (ie all of the current and ex US Team folks such as yourself, that do the camps and coach teams),

2) the local instructors already give mogul lessons and think they are teaching people the right way

3) other than my few bump skiing buddies, who is going to instruct... the talent just isn't around here.

The reality is that most up and comming bumpers are either from out west or a few select spots up north that have competitive programs. What are the kids (or adults like myself for that matter) to do that do not want to compete, or do not have the means to join a well know program supposed to do? When I was up at Blackcomb this summer, there were maybe 5 kids in our entire camp that were not competitors. Right now, the mogul skiing world is a very small one and it is not difficult to play the "Kevin Bacon" game as everyone knows someone though somebody. It is a sort of cult (I personally think that it is way cool), but cults never go mainstream. If the sport got more exposure, we would have a lot more bump runs on our hills and our skiing would get better. The really frustrating thing is that we have some good race coaching at our small resorts, and they are also taking up whole runs to build more parks.

Maybe things will change if Jeremy Bloom wins gold, but I think it will be the same thing as it was after Mosely won.

I would also like to talk to you about getting your book into my local ski shops and resorts, as I can probably provide contacts. This would at least be a start for us in Small Ski Town USA.



4:41 PM  
Blogger Dan DiPiro said...


These problems exist at big areas as well as small areas. The lack of real mogul instruction, the lack of good bump trails... these are common problems. And the technical misunderstandings pervade all of mainstream skiing. What's the solution? I asked myself the same question a few years ago. Camps cost a lot, video instruction has big limitations, and authentic mogul instructors are almost nonexistent at traditional ski schools. The answer I came up with was "write an authentic mogul skiing book that every interested skier can understand."

Now I'm trying to get that book into the hands of as many skiers as I can. And, yes, I agree: the masses need access to the technique if the sport is to grow.

I think you're going to like the book. As for getting it into local bookstores and ski shops, I'd appreciate anything you could do! All interested retailers can buy the book wholesale by ordering from my printer/distributor, AuthorHouse, at (888) 280-7715. I know that bookstores in my area are now moving their ski book sections to the front of the store; it's a good time of year to ask a bookstore to carry a new ski book. Maybe you could order your copy from a store and suggest that they get a few extras for the shelves.

6:16 PM  
Blogger Dan DiPiro said...

P.S. By the way, CJ, I'm not an ex-world-cupper. -dd

3:06 PM  
Anonymous cj said...

Thanks for the input Dan. E-mail me at if you would like to talk about local contacts. We have several ski shops in my area and roughly 7 or so local resorts. In the meantime I will order a copy of the book for myself.

No worries about the WC, Nor Am is no small accomplishment. BTW, your qualifications speak for themselves, particularly since you are on Nick Preston's staff. I met him this past summer at Whistler.


9:19 AM  
Anonymous cj said...


I sent you some info yesterday but I was having trouble with my e-mail, so let me know if you got it.


8:36 AM  
Blogger Roberto Iza Valdes said...

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3:32 PM  
Blogger jsul185 said...

I recently read your book Dan. I found myself visualizing a ski run as I read each chapter. This is the type of bump skiers manual that I will read over and over throughout the ski season. Thanks

1:51 PM  
Blogger Dan DiPiro said...

Thank you for telling me. I'm glad you like the book and find it useful.
Have fun.

2:04 PM  
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